Wednesday, October 23, 2013

About the Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF Campaign

Canadian children and young people have supported their peers in developing countries for 52 years by participating in the annual Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF Campaign. In 2006, UNICEF Canada has strengthened the long-standing rich tradition of kids helping kids through a revitalized campaign to provide more meaningful and educational fundraising opportunities for our children. Last year, throughout the month of October, more than 700,000 students at 3,000 schools across the country joined in and participated in education and fundraising activities in support of the Schools for Africa programmes in Malawi and Rwanda. This year, we still need to pursue our goal of providing quality basic education to millions of million children in Malawi and Rwanda.

UNICEF’s vision is to build an enhanced partnership with schools, providing engaging and relevant opportunities to participate in global education and fundraising activities. This year’s campaign provides teachers with interactive, curriculum-linked lesson plans and classroom resources that help teach students global social responsibility and the power of positive action.
Beyond our school-based campaign, UNICEF’s public campaign gives all Canadians the opportunity to contribute and help provide a better future to children in Malawi and Rwanda. As Halloween is National UNICEF Day, we encourage everyone to take action and help make education a reality for children in Malawi and Rwanda.

This website has been put back online from Canadian UNICEF supporters as we felt there was great information on the history of UNICEF that many people would be interested in. Please feel free to browse and send us any additional information about the history of UNICEF that you feel we may have missed!